Simple Machine Words
My name is Cam. My friends Ell, Vit and Cubee "D" are going to watch one of my favourite Bill Nye the Science Guy videos.

It is called, "Simple Machines". I use simple machines all the time when I work.
I enjoy showing girls and boys how to make cars with wheels and axles.

When we are finished we will set up a race track and race our cars to see who is the fastest.

I also like to show them how a bike uses simple machines.
This is the racing ramp we use in the classroom. There are two lanes just like many of the roads you drive on with your family in your car.
Wheels and Axles
This is a catapult. A catapult is a very old simple machine that  used a lever to throw things.

This student's catapult was used to throw a practice golf ball.
This student is using a saw to cut wood. The blade of the saw has many teeth.

These teeth are very small wedges. These sharp wedges cut through the wood.