Data Storage
Computer data is information used or stored by a computer. This data can include  word processing files, photo files, video files, CAD files, music files and PDF files.

All these files can be easily organized within a folder.

Computer data is used and stored by the computer's central processing unit, (CPU) and is saved in files and folders on a memory device.

A memory device or data storage device is an electronic gadget for storing and managing computer data.

A computer memory device may include the computer's internal hard disk, an external hard disk, DVDs, CDs, and flash drives.

There are others,  but the one I am going to concentrate on is the flash drive. It is the most common,  portable, and easy to use. 

Other common names for a flash drive include: memory stick, memory card, flash stick, key drive, pen drive, thumb drive and jump drive or simply USB drive.

This is the 4 gig flash drive that I used everyday in my classroom. You will note that it is attached to my key chain.

When I entered my classroom to start the day, the first thing that I did was to insert the flash drive into the USB extension cable.

I  slightly elevated and mounted the extension cable permanently  on my desk.

This made it easy and convenient to make the electronic connection from the flash drive to my computer.

I also synchronized the flash drive   with my computer.

This means that any new work I did at home or any files that I copied from home was updated automatically to my classroom's computer.

This happened  the moment I inserted the flash drive into the the connecting flash drive cable .

When I went home, I had to take my flash drive with me. I never forgot it because it was attached to my car keys.

When I arrived home, I placed my flash drive into my home desktop computer which was then    automatically updated.

It takes a little time to setup a system but when its done properly it is  very efficient. It also automatically back up your work.

Using my flash drive daily helped me understand how to organize all the different types of data that I was accumulating.

USB extension cable
Flash Drive