I can divide myself into two bottles. Each bottle holds one half a liter of water. One half a liter of water is the same as five hundred milliliters. (500ml)
When I am full, I  hold one thousand milliliters of water. (1000ml)

Ell (litre)

Hello Girls and Boys.
My name is Ell. I am a friend of Cubee "D". Cubee "D" measures lines, areas and volumes.

I measure capacity that means how much liquid or gas a container can hold. I can also change my shape.

             Rectangular Prisms
I can transform into a rectangular prism.

A rectangular prism is a solid and all the sides are  rectangles.

Here are five rectangular prisms. Each 200ml juice box is made from cardboard.
I can change into the shape of a cylinder. A cylinder has solid  straight sides and a round top and bottom.

I can hold almost three diet coke cans. I am strong because I can hold a gas called carbon dioxide. This gives the fizz to Diet Coke.
Five Rectangular Prisms