Before purchasing equipment, tools, or educational material for your classroom, please consider the following information. It may be valuable to you as a teacher.

As time moves on through your teaching career, you will make changes and additions to your classroom such as; purchasing books, scientific instruments, math tools, and computer equipment. Many of these items are important to you because they are an important part of your teaching experience. Classroom planning leads to a progressive, dynamic, lively, and interesting environment for you and your students to work in.

But also, as time moves on, this can happen. One year, unfortunately, because of school closings, declining enrollment, or the natural movement within your school, you find out that you are going to be moved to a new classroom or school. Will you be able to take all the tools, materials and organizational items that you have accumulated in your present classroom to your new classroom or school? Do these items belong to you? In these extraordinary times, if you have to set up a classroom in your home, will you be able to take all the necessary items from your classroom to your home? Before purchasing any item, have you discussed this possible scenario with your federation, principal, or school board, especially after you have made a comprehensive classroom plan and a proposal on how to complete the plan?

Have you clarified with your federation, principal and your board, that the items you purchased with their funds, should follow you to your next classroom, if you are moved?

Teachers are always willing to go on to a new job as long as their previous efforts and experience go with them. Some boards of education are more understanding than others. Being motivated as a teacher is very important. Before putting a lot of work into planning, and effort into purchasing tools and materials for you to complete your plan, thoroughly discuss professional ownership considerations with your federation, your principal and your school board. After discussions, a written agreement would be wise so that all parties understand what their positions are. Clarity will save you a lot of anxiety.

Important Information