My name is Vit. I am a very intelligent technologist.  My friends Ell, Cam and I are watching one of my favourite Bill Nye the Science Guy videos called “Transportation”.

It is one of my favourite videos because I move people all around.

Like me, Bill Nye is very concerned with the environment. My bus has two solar panels on the top that put electricity in my batteries. My motor uses electricity.

Transportation Words
This student is transporting his car over to the race track. People have used their feet for thousands of years to move themselves and things.
This is the Gravity Car Race we had every year. The cars raced down two paths to see who can go the farthest. Racing down-hill on a gravity track makes the cars go fast!!!
This student and her friend were each making a house by the sea and a lighthouse.

They had to make a bridge to cross the water between the house and the lighthouse.    Bridges are very important structures.
A bicycle is a vehicle. Bicycles have  two wheels. The wheels are held in a frame.

One wheel is behind the other. The bicycle moves by moving the  pedals forward.

The bicycle is controlled by using handlebars attached to the front wheel.

Bicycles are great because they don't make pollution. These girls are learning how to fix a bicycle.