About My Site
When I retired, ten years ago, I decided I wanted to continue with an activity I enjoy; designing and making a Website. Teaching technology to kids is my area of expertise, so I wanted my site to focus on technology in the elementary classroom.

In the classroom, generally in the afternoon, I taught kids artisan skills.  An artisan is a skilled craft person. A skilled tradesman, like a carpenter, is an artisan. Someone who makes high quality items individually, like a sculptor, is also an artisan. My own definition of an artisan is a person who combines design and building skills to create something.

I also promoted the safe and proper use of tools. Safety is very important when working with tools; and kids need to be taught how to work carefully. 

I encouraged kids to design and make interesting things. Class time passed pleasantly and productively when we designed and constructed something and I integrated my students' math information into my lessons as we worked.

My site is a continuation of my career as a teacher.  The “Kids Corner” section gives important information for the future of education as it relates to both younger and older elementary kids. It emphasizes understanding and using the metric system, measuring, using drawing and construction tools, and self-organization.

You may be the parent or grandparent of a kid who has potential artisan skills. You may be an artisan yourself and think it is important to hone general artisan skills at an early age. I do, because, like learning to play a musical instrument, the earlier you start the better. There is a section for you called, “The Parent’s Corner.”

I found the technical, intellectual and creative process of using technology intriguing when I was a teacher. If you are a teacher, you may find it interesting also. There is a section for you called, “The Teacher’s Corner.”

I use a computer to connect my website with my site distributor. This activity keeps my mind sharp. I know that once a kid finds out how fun it is to design and use tools, they will be creative tool users and builders.

I hope you enjoy my site,
Burt Savage