Teacher's Tools and Materials
Start With Recycling
Organize a clean-up system. Your student should organize the boxboard that they brought into your classroom on a daily bases.

Choose the good boxes and  the unusable material for recycling. I told my students in charge of organizing the boxboard  basket to clean or cull the basket daily.
Set up a system for transporting boxboard from your student's home to your classroom.
Organize a large container dedicated   to recycling paper, cardboard, boxboard and art paper.
A few more essential items that you will need to make the first project are shown in the above photo.

You will have to determine how you will organize these items. Once you have purchased them you do not want to lose them.

Also, you will want to set up your classroom so that your students know where to find the items when they need to use them.

They also have to know  where to return the items when they have completed their task.
Graph Paper