Tools, Instruments and Devices
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A compass is a circle drawing instrument. It is used for drawing circles or arcs. An arc is a part of a circle's circumference. A compass can also be used as a divider. A divider is used to measure distances on maps. Compasses can be used for mathematics, drafting, and navigation.
Circle Drawing Tools and Instruments
Tools That Mark Material.
Pencil: A pencil makes a mark on a surface. This mark is made from graphite. Graphite was discovered in 1564, about 450 years ago. The pencil was invented in 1662 so it took about 100 years from its discovery to go on to make it one of our most important inventions.
Tools, Instruments and Device Storage Boxes
It is important to have a place to neatly store any of your personal items such as tools, and instruments. Each student in my class had a personal cubby.
Three out of four of these measuring drafting instruments, in conjunction with a pencil, can draw a straight line and help you make a plan.
Tools That Draw Straight Lines
The Calculator
A calculator is a computation machine. It can be a mechanical or electronic device or a combination of both. A calculator can be used to make simple or complex calculations.
This wood screw is a fastener. A fastener is a mechanical device that joins things together. The wood screw secures the ball holder to the lever.
Tools, Materials and Fasteners That Join Things Together
The Metric System
In this unit we are going to study three metric system masses; The Kilogram, The Metric Tonne, and, The Gram,  by studying how capacity and mass , are connected.
A note to teachers.